About Me

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hello and welcome!

Angie here and in this blog expect to read, not only, about my travels but also about the steps I take to reach my dreams and aspirations. I have several: becoming a philanthropist, writer, and a globetrotter with an income. However, you’ll also read about how I deal with life, my fears, learning experiences, and you will get to experience my evolution as a writer (one of my passions).

I’m a backpacker, but one on a tight budget. I’ve traveled around the world once before. At 30 I decided to leave my comfort zone behind and do some soul searching. I grabbed a backpack and began what was intended to be a 3-month-and-one-continent trip but that ultimately turned into 7 months and 3 continents. I backpacked 14 countries, met incredible people, made new friends along the way, had amazing adventures and experiences, learned immensely about myself and most importantly, I discovered that traveling is more than just fun for me. It’s a passion.

Now, to be quite honest with you, I have not always been a fan of social media, I find it intimidating and a bit much to handle, plus I’ve never been much of a social butterfly. Yet, here I am because the more I learn about it, the more I discover its endless possibilities and its vast amount of power. So after some debating, fear, and excitement I finally decided to stop living under a rock, embrace social media, and combine my passion for traveling, philanthropy, and writing. Furthermore, since my first time around the world was not blogged, it is only logical to do it again, now as a blogger.

Thank you for visiting and being part of this new journey, one that is just beginning but one that we will venture to together.

Be safe, be benevolent, and learn everything and anything you can.